Mom and Dog [Week 22 of 52]

This week I dressed up my mom and took pictures of her. While taking pictures our dogs Maya and Lacy kept whining with curiosity to know what we were doing. After I let them in they immediately wanted on the bed. Maya was content just laying on the bed, but Lacy wanted to explore and eat everything. So after taking a few picture with them we kicked them out. Today I bought Lacy a harness so she can start going on walks outside and so she can prepare for the big game (aka going to the park!). We walked for about 25 minutes and after Lacy’s curiosity dimmed we headed home. Then we played in our backyard and took some cute pictures. Have a nice week everyone!

018edM 063edM 091edM 117edM 179edM 189edM 213edM 261edM 288edM


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